• Seller - Valuation Information Form

    This form explains the information and documentation which is needed to perform a practice analysis and evaluation. Print this form, complete it and send it and the requested documentation to us.

  • Seller - Letter of Direction

    In preparation for the possibility that you may become disabled or die before you are able to retire, ADS Midwest has created a “Letter of Direction”. This document enables the practice to be sold quickly and the money to go to your estate. It provides for your loved ones, but removes the strain of dealing with the practice during a very emotional time and permits us to step up and do our job. Sign and have it witnessed. Keep a signed copy with your important papers and return a signed copy for our files.

  • Buyer - Information Questionnaire

    If you are interested in more information about practice purchase opportunities, we will need your promise of non-disclosure. This entails no cost or obligation other than your confidentiality. Please print this form, complete it and send it to us or fax it to 312-896-5909 or 314-997-0196.

  • Buyer - Personal Financial Statement

    For clients needing a financial statement for financing or other purposes