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Practice Transition Seminar - August 24, 2019

Practice Tansitions Made Perfect!

This seminar is for dentists contemplating a practice transition. It is our goal to give you a broad overview of the process by examining the four principal aspects of a dental practice transition: how to prepare your practice for sale, the tax consequences of selling your practice, the legal issues involved in a purchase agreement and how a dental practice sale is financed.

Considering FSBO?     Why it's a bad idea.

For doctors contemplating the sale of their dental practice, it is often enticing to try to sell the dental practice on their own. The trasaction may seem simple enough — it should be quick and easy, and it should save a few bucks because you don't have to pay a broker's commission. That's smart, right? Not necessarily. In fact, it may be the worst mistake you ever make.

Dentist Testimonials

When is the best time to sell your dental practice?

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Dental Practice Transitions Done Right

ADS Midwest is your premier dental practice broker and transition specialist. We have evaluated, appraised, transitioned and brokered dental practices for over 25 years. Our expertise in evaluating dental practices is considered the best in the dental industry. Our company specializes in dental practice sales, dental practice appraisals and dental practice transitions.

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2518 Bopp Road
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